Personal Information strives to protect your personal information and prevent the misuse of the information that it receives from its customers, but we cannot guarantee that our protection measures will stop third parties from the illegal collection of personal data.

The Privacy Policies published on this website are based on the law for “Personal Data Protection in Iraq”. A copy of the law can be downloaded in pdf format from the website of the Commission of Media & Communications ( CMC ) in Iraq ( CMC.IQ and the Police collaborates with the police and other authorities in counteracting illegal activities that occur on the website. The identity of people conducting illegal activities may be revealed by recorded IP addresses, phone numbers and other information requested by official authorities.


Email is the most commonly used communication tool among users, but you are not required to enter your email address when you register an ad. As an advertiser, mention in the description text of the ad if you only prefer to be contacted by phone.

If you register an email address, it will be only used for sending information that is related to your advertisement.

Data Protection

We work our best to protect your personal data when you use the website. For the entire time the transaction is being processed, we do not have access to any kind of information such as your payment card number, its validity period, security code or your bank account balance. When you make a payment with a credit or debit card, the whole transaction is executed by the NESTPAY system, which uses the latest SSL protection technology.

Cookies/Tracking Technology uses tracking technology (cookies – small text files saved on your computer) that is implemented in the advertising system and counts the unique visitors. This enables us to gather statistics about our visitors to use for internal purposes, as well as ensure that you do not view the same banner the entire time you are on the website.

The tracking technology is anonymous and does not contain personal data.

If you want to disable the tracking technology, you can do so in your browser settings. You will find these settings in the options dialog box of your browser, in the Security tab. Disabling this setting will mean that you will no longer be able to use some of features. also uses tracking technology to build market segments and improve the website experience based on the behavior of users. This information is anonymous and is only used for targeted marketing.

Changes in the Privacy Policies reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policies or terms of use at any time. Such changes will enter into force from the moment they are published on the website.


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